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How it works:

Welcome to Love For Lawns Landscaping Company. We are located in Leander, Texas. We offer landscap and lawn care services to businesses and residents in Leander. We take pride in customer satisfaction for each of customers. You pick the tree and we will deliver and plant your new tree in your yard.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality trees at the best prices as well as delivery and install to not only help your trees succeed, but also make a lasting difference to our environment. After all, this Earth is the only one we’ve got, so let’s give it our all!

Our current stock of trees include:

  • American-Sycamore
  • Sweetgum
  • Pecan Tree
  • Texas Persimmon
  • Mexican Sycamore
  •  Mountain Laurel
  • Little Gem Magnolia
  • Holly Yaupon
  • Redbud Texas
  • Summer Red Maple
  • Brandywine Maple
  • Oak Monterrey
  • Live Oak Tree
  • Cherry Laurel
  • Arbequina Olive Tree
  • Arizona Cypress Blue
  • Shumard Oak Tree
  • Cedar Elm
  • Eastern Redbud

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We are here for you, to make your dream landscape a reality.

Our Comprehensive Landscaping

At times landscaping entails creating an eye-catching patio setup or installing retaining walls. Other times, it can mean creating a landscape bed full of different perennials and annuals planted by our permanent gardeners.

We are confident enough to state that you’ll never come across any other landscaping company in Texas that offers greater customer service and care like our Leander Landscaping Company professionals.

The Bottom Line

We are not just a company that sprays your weeds and mows your lawn. We are a comprehensive landscaping and lawn company. We serve different customers such as huge shopping malls and residential yards. Our team is dedicated to treating all customers equally. We are confident of your work and committed to quality services by:

  • Guaranteeing our tasks
  • Making sure our team of gardeners are certified and licensed in the state of Texas
  • Offering free quotes on all landscaping services

When you need landscaping and lawn care services for your commercial or residential property, then, hire professionals at Love For Lawns Landscaping Company, Texas.

Feel free to contact us for free quotes for all landscaping services.

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